RX Garage Floor Coatings and Industrial Concrete Coatings

Garage Floor coating

Not all garage floors are created equal. RX Garage utilizes time proven techniques and products leaving your garage space a cleaner, more durable area. Our garage flooring process begins by diamond grinding the concrete surface to clean and roughen the surface to accept epoxy primer. All cracks and divots are then properly prepared, filled and re-ground flat. Moisture blocking epoxy primer is next applied. This primer wicks deep into the concrete surface and is backed by a manufacture lifetime adhesion warranty.  Depending on the style of floor selected, vinyl flakes may be broadcast into the wet primer for a slip resistant decorative finish.  Lastly our floors are top-coated with urethane based sealers (most commonly polyaspartic) some of which cure in a matter of hours returning your space to service. Give us a call to discuss your project 602-688-7561 we have the experience to make sure your project is a success.